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Hi! My name is Chris Fong and I've been a 6-figure affiliate marketer since 2009 successfully promoting products like LeadPages, Thrive Themes, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and ClickFunnels.

In April, 2019 I qualified for the ClickFunnels Dream Car award.

Now I'm starting to promote the Legendary Marketer affiliate program, and getting some great results with it!

How do I earn my affiliate commissions?

My expertise is SEO and creating content that ranks well for all the buyer keywords of the affiliate programs I am promoting.  
I also know how to create offers that get my visitors to purchase from my affiliate links.  And I know how grow an email list and build an audience through Facebook.
Look at some of my rankings

#1 in Google for the keyword "One Funnel Away Challenge review"
#1 in Google for the keyword "Convertkit review"
#1 in Google for the keyword "ClickFunnels bonus"
And after 3 months doing this case study, I'm now...

#2 in Google for the keyword "Legendary marketer"
And #1 in Google for the keyword "Legendary marketer review"
How Would You Like to learn From me for just $1.99?
Unfortunately I still work a 9-5 job so I don't have time to do 1-1 coaching calls.  Nor do I have the time or desire to create a course.
But My goal Is to Give You A transparent look at everything I'm doing as I start building a new affiliate income stream from scratch using Legendary Marketer.

And help you Do the Same!

This includes all the SEO strategies I use to rank my content for Every Keyword I Target.
Here what You Get if you join!
+ Access to my Secret Facebook Group 
+ An inside look at all the Strategies I'm Using and the Results I get
+ White Label Rights To All the Assets I create
+ And much more ... 
How Do You Get Access?
I was thinking of selling this training/case study for $97 month.  It would be only fair, since I am basically sharing all my secrets with you.

But I don't want the hassle of dealing with handling payments and dealing with support requests.

I just want to focus on doing what I do best.  And that's doing affiliate marketing.

So here's my offer to you instead.

To follow me on this journey, you will just need to purchase the Legendary Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing ebook using my affiliate link. 

This will cost you just $1.99 and not only will you get David Sharpe's value packed Affiliate Marketing guide but also access to the Legendary 15 Day Business Builder Challenge (normally $7).   

Do this, and you get the opportunity to learn from me as well.
Once you sign up, I'll give you an invite to my private Facebook group where you will be able to see everything I've been sharing so far.
What is the Insiders guide to Affiliate Marketing?
This is the definitive guide to Affiliate Marketing from David Sharpe, the founder of Legendary Marketer.

Inside, you will learn the essentials of everything you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I guarantee you will learn something from this guide.  

Here's a peak at the value inside:
  • Chapter 1: Why Affiliate Marketing Beats The Rest
  • Chapter 2: Proof Being The Middleman Really Pays
  • Chapter 3: How To Find The Best Products To Promote
  • ​Chapter 4: How to Find A Hot Niche with Proven Buyers
  • Chapter 5: Where To Get High-Quality Evergreen Traffic
  • Chapter 6: The 2-Page Miracle Site That Sucks In Leads
  • Chapter 7: The Most Important Rule To Making Sales
  • Chapter 8: The Secret To Scale Your Affiliate Business
  • Chapter 9: How To Properly Track Your Key Metrics
  • Chapter 10: How To Run Massive “Windfall” Promotions
What Is The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge?
The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is an action-oriented experience that will prepare you to start a business and begin earning money online in 15 days. 

Going through the challenge will save you countless hours, weeks, months, even years from sifting through the insane overload of information online from shady sources. 

You'll be getting a powerful training video each day, along with purposeful assignments to complete – along with a Business Plan Advisor who will personally help you develop your business plan and get it into action. 

By Day 15 you will be equipped with knowledge most take years to gain, a clear business plan and the confidence to put it into action. 

Normally, joining the Challenge will cost you $7.  But you get FREE access to it when by the Legendary ebook above.
Here are Some of our members who are crushing it with Legendary (Learn from them Too!)

Spencer Mecham 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you pick Legendary Marketer to promote?

First, I think Legendary's training is top notch.  Especially for new marketers that are just starting out trying to create an online business.  

Second, their affiliate program is structured in such a way that you can really make some huge affiliate commissions with them.  They already have 7 super affiliates who have made 6 figures promoting the program.  

And their top affiliate, Nathan Lucas has already made $1 million dollars promoting the program!

What if I don't like Legendary Marketer or your training.  Can I get a refund?

Sure.  Legendary has a 30 day refund policy.  So you can cancel anytime within that period through them.  However, once you do this you will lose access to my private Facebook group as well.

Will I learn anything if I don't have a blog like you do?

Yes! Although my main, personal focus is SEO, the tactics I'm sharing will work for Youtube, Facebook or your favorite platform of choice.  I'm also doing some cool automation and email marketing stuff as well, and I share it all inside the group.

Legendary Income Disclaimer: Anything said on this page is not a guarantee of income. You could make more or less or nothing at all. I’m simply sharing what has worked for for me and it’s based on my own personal experience. 

The average person won’t likely get the results I do because I’ve been doing this longer, have more skills, and have dedicated myself to this work.
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